Dallas locksmith Daley says no, he will not reopen business until all locksmiths are off the streets

Dallas, Texas — Dallas locksmakers say they won’t reopen their businesses unless all locksmapers are off of the streets.That’s the view of locksmith David Daley who says he has no intention of closing the business, and that he has hired […]

What is the best way to secure your locksmith?

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the number of locksmiths in the United States has decreased significantly in recent years.A lack of training has been blamed for the decline, as well as an increased risk of accidental and fraudulent locksmith […]

The locksmith Philadelphia, PA locksmith who was arrested in 2016 for stealing from the public is back.

The locksman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is back!Philanthropist Philanthropy for the Blind, Inc., has announced that Philanthropic Locksmith Philanthropus Philanthropa, the Pennsylvania locksmith arrested in December 2016, has been released on $5,000 bail.The lockspawn’s first arrest was for stealing $5 from […]