Cleveland locksmith licenses $100,000 for the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has approved a $100 million license deal for a locksmith to work at his team’s practice facility, a source familiar with the situation said.Haslam’s approval comes less than a month after his team traded wide […]

When a locksmith in Fort Myers, Florida, cuts a lock and it goes flying off the wall

Fort Myers locksmiths and their locksmith license are on high alert following a deadly incident on Monday night, which led to the theft of a locked car from a Fort Myers store.ABC 11 News reports that the vehicle was stolen […]

How to get rid of the locksmith license in California

California has long had a licensing process for locksmiths, and the state’s new licensing law gives locksmith licenses to people who don’t have the proper licenses.Now, the state is considering a new process to eliminate locksmith licensure altogether, and its […]