How to avoid a $1 million lawsuit from a locksmith

By MICHAEL E. STEVENS, AP EditorMinneapolis locksmith Michael Evans says he’s never had a complaint about his work, and he doesn’t have to.But when the locksmith for the former head of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division sued him in federal […]

How to find the best locksmiths in Laredo, Texas

The locksmithing industry is growing in popularity, with more than 4,000 locksmith companies listed on the National Association of Home Improvement Dealers website.While there are many locksmith shops, some of the best are in the San Antonio area.Here’s a look […]

New York City locksmiths strike with strikes over locksmith and locksmith’s office

New York-based locksmith R. Michael Lee, the father of locksmith Michael Lee and owner of locksmart lock-making business, announced a strike for today and tomorrow.Lee said today’s strike will affect all locksmith offices in the city, which employs over 1,200 […]