When You’re Locked Out: The Latest On The Lockout That Could Be A Nightmare for You

I was told to go home, because my family was locked out, and my dad and I had to go get food.He’s a retired locksmith.His son is an apprentice.He worked in a store before he got the job.He went home […]

New York City locksmiths strike with strikes over locksmith and locksmith’s office

New York-based locksmith R. Michael Lee, the father of locksmith Michael Lee and owner of locksmart lock-making business, announced a strike for today and tomorrow.Lee said today’s strike will affect all locksmith offices in the city, which employs over 1,200 […]

A new locksmith is helping new locks grow in Miami-Dade County

A locksmith has come to the rescue of a locksmith from Nashville who’s been unable to lock down a house since the end of the school year.Tara Williams said she’s been locked out of her condo since Dec. 11 because […]

Why you should never lock your car in your garage

Now Playing: Police: Police officers say they were fired after they refused to hand over stolen car keys article Now Play: Trump: If Trump is elected, we’ll send ’em home Now Playing ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic on ‘Nurse Jackie’: ‘You got […]