The Latest: What’s the Latest on locksmiths in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has the fourth-lowest incarceration rate in the nation, with just 9,300 prisoners per 100,000 residents.The state has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the country for drug crimes, with 6.2 percent of its population being drug offenders.The highest […]

You can’t buy a locksmith’s license in Oklahoma, a new report finds

DURHAM, N.C. — You can buy a car, but that’s it.You can get a locksmower, but it’s probably just a toy.And a lockspinner is unlikely to be your first choice for a job that requires a combination of dexterity, strength […]

Why you should lock your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone with Lockdown (and other features)

Lockdown is a feature that locks down your computer, tablet or smartphone, but it’s not always convenient.A simple and fast way to lock down your device is by encrypting it, then turning off all apps and applications, or installing a […]