Lockmiths in Oklahoma city find no criminal record after being arrested on drug charges

Oklahomans who choose to use locksmiths for their own protection have been greeted with a new challenge in Oklahoma City: A new lawsuit.Oklahoma City locksmith Dan Lissack has been charged with six counts of drug trafficking and two counts of […]

How to get locksmith in the Atlanta area, and how to buy a locksmith

Posted August 15, 2018 08:20:33 If you’re looking to get a lockscreen job, then you might want to check out the locksmith store in Atlanta, Georgia.The store has been around since 2011, but has recently expanded to offer a wide […]

‘This is going to be the biggest lock out we’ve seen’: Police in Florida to lock out car owners

A Florida city has banned the use of automatic locks on cars because of an outbreak of the deadly car burglar disease, locking out millions of owners and drivers in the process.“This is a dangerous disease that can be transmitted […]

Precision locksmith: ‘This is the biggest deal in my career’

Precision locksaw is one of the fastest growing services in the industry.And it’s being used by the likes of President Donald Trump.Now, the company is being sued for fraud.Read moreThe Washington Post reported Wednesday that a group of people who […]

When the U.S. Secret Service is locked down: Is it time to start locking down locksmiths?

The Secret Service, the nation’s primary security agency, has been locked down since Friday due to a new virus that was found to be causing infections that are rapidly spreading throughout the country.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]