Lockmiths in Oklahoma city find no criminal record after being arrested on drug charges

Oklahomans who choose to use locksmiths for their own protection have been greeted with a new challenge in Oklahoma City: A new lawsuit.

Oklahoma City locksmith Dan Lissack has been charged with six counts of drug trafficking and two counts of selling marijuana.

Lissack’s attorney, Steven B. Coker, filed the lawsuit on Friday, alleging Lissak was operating a business under the name of LockMaster LLC.

Coker’s lawsuit names the city, LockMaster, Lissacks and four others as defendants.

Criminal records for LockMaster’s four owners are also on record, according to the lawsuit.

In court documents, Coker alleges Lissaks business was “used for illicit purposes.”

Coker also says Lissakis drug use “was not consistent with a professional locksmith’s practices.”

Cancer.com, the local news site, reports Lissas criminal history includes two felony convictions, three traffic violations and one conviction for a minor possession offense.

Liz Wahl, an attorney for Lockmaster LLC, told Al Jazeera on Friday that Lissacking has not had a criminal record in the past.

She also said the company is not connected to LockMaster.

Lassen is suing for $15 million.

He has also asked a judge to throw out the criminal charges against Lissacked and the other defendants.

The case comes as Oklahoma’s new governor, Mary Fallin, has begun to look into locking up drug dealers.

She has announced an initiative aimed at addressing a crisis that she says has been exacerbated by the drug epidemic.