BMP-2 locksmiths are going to be used to crack a lot of new locks on BMPs

New locks on Indian Army’s BMP fleet are expected to be cracked using locksmith experts, who will be trained by the Indian Army.

The locksmithing sector has been one of the big buzzwords this week as the Indian armed forces (IAF) announced the creation of the new locksmith units for the next batch of BMP vehicles and to augment the existing locksmith-trained personnel.

The new units will be equipped with digital recording devices and other equipment to allow them to perform tasks such as lock cracking.BMP-1 and BMP2 vehicles will be fitted with electronic locks for the first time, while the BMP3, which has been upgraded, will have its electronic locks replaced with digital locks.

The Indian Army is also expected to deploy new equipment, including digital locks, on the BSF’s newer variants.

Bengaluru-based locksmith Rajesh Prakash has been commissioned by the BMD (Bridgesmiths and Metals Division) to conduct the training for the new units, and will be given the task of getting locksmith instructors to train the new unit cadres.

The training is expected to begin from October, with the first batch of cadres to be deployed in 2020.

Currently, the Indian army is in the process of acquiring several BMP and BMD vehicles.

India has an estimated fleet of 4,000 armoured vehicles, with around 10,000 more vehicles being planned.