Dallas locksmith Daley says no, he will not reopen business until all locksmiths are off the streets

Dallas, Texas — Dallas locksmakers say they won’t reopen their businesses unless all locksmapers are off of the streets.

That’s the view of locksmith David Daley who says he has no intention of closing the business, and that he has hired additional locksmith workers to protect his property and his customers.

The locksmith is in the midst of a 10-day strike over the lack of security and a lack of funds to keep up with the demand.

Daley said he’s already reached a deal with Dallas locksman Robert Jones to get locksmith locksmith service back online by the end of next week.

The contract will keep locksmith services on the books until the strike ends at the end the month.

Dallas locks are in danger of losing their business to lock makers from Tennessee who have come to the city to replace them.

The Tennessee locksmith program is also shutting down, but Daley is hoping for a temporary reprieve for his business.

He says he will keep working, but at a lower rate than other locksmith firms.

Dallys locksmith shop in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff has closed since March.

He’s not sure if the strike will lead to a permanent closure.

He said the locksmith business will likely close in a week or two, and will likely reopen only with additional locksmappers hired.

He hasn’t given a timetable for when he expects to reopen.

Daliys locksmith shops on Oak Cliff Road in Dallas.

(Photo: Mark Zaleski/The Republic)”I have no intention whatsoever of closing this business,” he said.

Dals locksmith’s contract expires in March.

Dallas police Sgt. Mark McDaniel said police were notified of the strike Thursday morning.

The police department will continue to investigate whether or not the business is in violation of the city’s lockout laws, he said, adding that the Dallas Police Department has the authority to reopen the business if a lockout is declared.

The lockout law requires locksmith companies to open their doors to their customers, but locksmith businesses are exempt from the law if they have been closed since at least May 6.

The Dallas locks company is part of the Knoxville, Tenn., lockmakers who are on strike for a second day, but they’re expected to resume business as planned Friday.

The city of Dallas, which has been the focal point of the lockmakers lockout, issued a news release Thursday morning saying they’re continuing to work to find a resolution.

“It is our intention to reopen as soon as possible, but we are not taking any actions to take any actions,” Dallas police spokesman Steve Lacy said in the release.

“The city will continue its work with the lock makers on the lock manufacturers’ behalf to ensure that the locks are operating safely.”

Daley, who has been on strike since April 20, said the city has not asked him to resume operations.

He also said the lock companies are trying to negotiate a deal to reopen their doors.

“They have the authority, but I don’t have it,” Daley told The Associated Press.

Dalys locksmaking shop on Oak Hill Road in Oak Cliff.

(Video: Mark D. Wilson/The Tennessean)”They have a lock on their doors, so they have the right to say, ‘OK, we will open.

We will reopen,’ but I’m not going to be the one that opens the door for my customers,” he added.

Dallas Lockmakers says Daley will open the business again by the middle of next month.