Why don’t you try to steal a smart phone?

In what is believed to be a case of revenge porn, a woman is taking revenge on her ex-boyfriend by posting his photo online.

She also claims that he used her credit card information to buy his new iPhone 6 Plus.

Her story has attracted attention on social media after the woman posted her photos on a dating website called “I Love My Smart Phone”.

The woman was not identified, but her profile says she’s a single mother of two and lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

She said that her ex would send her nude photos of herself, but would not let her get her phone back.

The woman posted on the website saying that she has had a hard time sleeping and was not sleeping well and is in a constant state of depression.

She wrote: ‘I know my ex is cheating on me and I want to be able to tell him I’m happy he doesn’t have a phone because he will not let me get my phone back.’

The woman has asked that her name not be used.