What’s the lock to get? A Baltimore locksmith tells you the locksmith’s job

BALTIMORE — A locksmith in Baltimore has the answer.

Joe Graziano, who runs a locksmith shop in downtown Baltimore, says the lock he works on most often is a “gold” lock.

Gold is a lock that can be set at a specific location on the door.

But it can be difficult to tell a gold lock apart from a regular lock.

A lock that has a gold ring is very easy to find.

That’s because the gold ring doesn’t come into contact with the lock.

This is why it’s hard to tell whether a lock is gold or not.

Graziano says there are a number of locks on the market that have a gold band, but he won’t divulge the number.

He does say the locks are not always easy to come by.

Geez, I had a lock yesterday that was gold, he said.

Greensboro locksmith Joe DeSantis said he’s seen many different locks on sale on Ebay.

He’s also seen some locks that he thinks look like a gold pin.

But DeSantes said it is extremely rare for a lock to have a metal ring.

It is very hard to see what’s inside the lock when you look inside.

He said the gold locks often don’t have the same finish as the regular locks.

Greesons lock is a gold-plated lock.

I didn’t think that was going to work out, he added.