Santa Monica locksmith who stole his girlfriend’s jewellery from her home in January was arrested on Thursday night

The locksmith whose girlfriend was allegedly kidnapped in January had been arrested for burglary, and police said he had been the subject of a domestic disturbance investigation.

Key points:Justin Nelson, 26, was arrested in January after he broke into a locked house in Santa Monica, CaliforniaA locksmith has been charged with burglary and a warrant for his arrest has been issuedThe locksmith was caught in the act of breaking into a home in Santa Clarita, CaliforniaPolice said he was in custody after breaking into an apartment building in Santa Barbara on Wednesday.

He has been released on bail.

Nelson was arrested around midnight (local time) in Santa Catalina, California, police said.

He had previously been charged in Santa Rosa with burglary in January, but he pleaded guilty to the charge on Tuesday and was released.

The locksaw thief was arrested by Santa Monica police on Thursday and was charged with breaking into the apartment building, police told ABC News.

Named in the warrant was a locksmith from the Santa Monica and Santa Barbara area, according to police.

He was booked into the Santa Claritas County Jail on Wednesday, and was expected to be arraigned on Thursday morning.ABC/wiresTopics:law-crime-and-justice,law-enforcement,crime,police,crime-prevention,santa-clare-2570,stanford-state-2300,la,nj,californiaFirst posted February 14, 2019 14:19:58Contact Lisa LeeMore stories from Northern California