Precision locksmith: ‘This is the biggest deal in my career’

Precision locksaw is one of the fastest growing services in the industry.

And it’s being used by the likes of President Donald Trump.

Now, the company is being sued for fraud.

Read moreThe Washington Post reported Wednesday that a group of people who say they’re the victims of the company’s alleged fraud are accusing the locksmiths of being paid with fake credit cards, money from which they received a cut of the profit.

The company, which specializes in locking up and shipping the homes of Americans and foreign visitors to the United States, is the latest in a growing number of companies in the locksaw business that have been accused of fraud in recent years.

The Wall Street Journal reported in August that an Ohio locksmith was accused of making millions of dollars in bogus payments to a woman who had taken him on as a client.

In the suit filed Wednesday, the group of plaintiffs claims Precision locksaws sales of locksmith services to foreign clients are fraudulent.

It also alleges that the locksaws products are being sold without the proper license or certification to do their work.

“The defendant Precision locksawns is committing fraud in violation of the Sherman Act and is engaging in conduct of a fraudulent character,” the lawsuit states.

“This is a massive business that is going to generate significant income for the defendant and its officers and directors,” said a spokesman for the company.

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages for loss of profits, lost profits, and medical and other costs, the lawsuit said.