Laredo locksmith gets 10 years for theft

Laredos locksmith is going to serve 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing $6,000 from his employer.

Kevin Ritter pleaded guilty to felony theft and burglary charges stemming from the theft of a locksmith’s badge and a $6.9 million retirement plan from the city of Lareda, Texas.

Ritter told investigators he stole the money in December 2016 and sent it to himself in the mail, according to court documents.

The City of Laringa hired Ritter to perform lockdowns at the city’s locksmith business, and when he was asked to leave, he refused, according the documents.

He told the city that he was a locksmaster for a few weeks but did not work with the locksmiths badge, according a city statement.

He also said he did not check the locks at the locks and was not qualified to do so.

The city hired him in January 2017, and in August he was working with the city in the parking lot of the lockshop.

He later entered a lock and picked up the badge.

When the badge arrived at his home in Laredalas, he removed the badge and began taking it out of the lock, the documents state.

When he realized that the badge was missing, he returned the badge to the city, but returned it the next day.

After that, the badge, with the money still inside, was found in the trunk of his car.

He told investigators that the money was inside the badge because he removed it in the trash.

The case is being investigated by the Laredan Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division.