How to lock down your home with a hacksaw

article ORLANDO, Fla.

— A Florida locksmith is offering a few tips to help you protect your home when you need to do it, but the lock pick isn’t the only tool you’ll need.

Jackson Tn. is offering an “Advanced Lockpick” for $99.99, and its not the only way to lock your home.

The company offers a variety of locksmith tools that can be used for both homeowners and non-owners alike, but its one of the few locksmiths to offer a lock pick for $29.99.


has been in business since 2003, and offers a range of lock picking tools including the “Advanced” Advanced Lockpick and the “Master” Master Lockpick.

The company says that its the “ultimate tool for home and business security.”

It also says that they’ve found that locksmith pickers can sometimes be slow to react to emergencies.