A locked lock can be a killer – if you have no idea how to open it

A locked and unlocked vehicle can be deadly, according to a lock expert. 

Lock expert Peter Deacon believes the idea of locking a car is not just to make sure that the car is unlocked but to prevent it from being stolen.

He told ABC Radio Melbourne’s AM program that while locking a vehicle could be considered a positive thing, it can also be dangerous.

“If you lock it for long periods of time, there’s a possibility of it being opened and you have a risk of theft,” he said.

“You could have a lot of potential for an accident if the car was opened.”

But I don’t think locking the car in the first place is necessarily going to stop you from getting into an accident, it’s more about preventing it.

“Mr Deacon said that while the locking system could be used to protect the vehicle, the key is still important.”

In general, it wouldn’t be the right choice to lock a vehicle if you know what you’re doing,” he told AM.”

The key is important to protect yourself from being in an accident.

“It’s a safety thing, but if you don’t have the key then you’re in real danger.”

The ABC contacted the NSW Department of Transport for comment but did not receive a reply. 

The Lock of the Year Posted by ABC Radio Adelaide on Saturday, February 12, 2019 14:11:48Tasmanian driver, Michael Degan, has won the Lock of The Year award.

The 25-year-old was driving on the Hume Highway in the state’s north-west on February 8 when he lost control and struck a tree.

He was airlifted to the Alfred Hospital in Perth with serious injuries.

He has since been released and is expected to be discharged on Tuesday.

Mr Degan’s win was a shock for him and his wife, who has a master’s degree in computer science and a business degree.

“She’s been very supportive and has been encouraging me and encouraging me to go on and do it again,” he explained.

“I just hope that she’s right and I’ve learned something from this experience.”

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