The most interesting locksmiths in the US

The biggest names in locksmithing are now in a lock-picking contest for a chance to be the next locksmith in New York City.

The contest, which will run for five days, has been dubbed “LockLocker.”

The locksmith contest will be held at a local hotel on the first weekend of July and will feature locksmith names from around the world.

The winner will take home $1,000.

The first winner of the contest will then receive a $50,000 prize and be named the lock-picker of the year.

The locksmart contest will also feature a series of locksmith challenges, with prizes ranging from $20 to $1 million.

The event is organized by the American Lockdown Project, a nonprofit group that works to keep locksmith jobs in the United States.

The organization has hosted similar competitions before, including one in 2011 that pitted locksmith contestants against each other in the same location.

The competition was the first to pit locksmith candidates against each another in a public setting.

“This event is going to be a very exciting one for the community, and we’re hoping it will help make locksmith work more like a job,” American Lockdowns CEO Ryan Shih told NBC News.

LockLocker was created by American LockDown founder and CEO Jason Lantz, who said the event is part of his “big vision” to “make the profession safer, more effective, and more appealing to the general public.”

The lock-picker competition will run through July 18, with winners announced at the end of the month.

In addition to the lock pickers, the locksmith event also features a variety of other locksmith activities, including a photo contest.

Lock-pickers can also compete for prizes like a new car, which they can pick up at an event venue.

There’s also an opportunity to win a lock.

The lockpick contest is one of the events that has been taking place across the country since the election.

The National Rifle Association, however, has warned that people who participate in this competition are putting themselves and the community at risk.

“Locking your home and property with a gun or other deadly weapon is illegal,” the NRA said in a statement.

“A person who locks his or her home or business to a deadly weapon can be subject to prosecution by a court of law.

Locking your property to a dangerous weapon also is illegal under federal and state law.

Lock pickers who engage in these activities are a danger to themselves and others, and will be arrested.”