Cleveland locksmith licenses $100,000 for the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has approved a $100 million license deal for a locksmith to work at his team’s practice facility, a source familiar with the situation said.

Haslam’s approval comes less than a month after his team traded wide receiver Josh Gordon to the Atlanta Falcons.

The deal was negotiated by attorney David E. Schwartz, a longtime Cleveland Browns franchise owner and a close friend of Haslam.

The Browns are scheduled to open training camp in August and then play their season opener in the second half of the season against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hasham had initially declined to sanction Gordon as a lock technician.

The decision was contingent on the Browns meeting his requirements for a licensed locksmith.

The NFL’s licensing committee approved the deal, which would have cost the Browns an estimated $200,000.

The team has yet to announce a schedule for the Browns’ first preseason game, scheduled for Sept. 4 against the Chicago Bears.

Hasam has been an outspoken critic of Gordon, saying the Browns should be able to handle Gordon’s trade to Atlanta, which could have resulted in Gordon being released.

The veteran wideout has been suspended four games and fined $12,000 by the league.

The league has said Gordon was suspended for violating its substance abuse policy.

Gordon, who was suspended without pay for his involvement in a June 2017 incident with a woman, has maintained that he never intended to hurt anyone.