What you need to know about the iPhone unlocking challenge

On Wednesday, Apple launched a new app to unlock phones, called TouchID.

The new app allows you to unlock your iPhone using TouchID, a feature that lets you unlock your device with a fingerprint.

Apple said it has used the new feature to unlock more than 2.5 million iPhones worldwide since October and said it was adding more to the feature.

“TouchID will help unlock your phone, but you can also use it to unlock an iPhone in many other ways,” Apple said.

“You can use TouchID to unlock the lock screen, the home button, the camera, the lock, and much more.”

We’re adding a bunch of new features to TouchID for you to choose from, including quick access to your most recently used apps, more quick unlock options, and more options to choose how often TouchID unlocks your device.”iPhone owners can now unlock a phone using a fingerprint to unlock it with a passcode, even if the iPhone is not in use.

If the iPhone has been unlocked, you can then lock it and unlock it using a passphrase.

The passcode unlocks the device using the same fingerprint as the unlock code.

In iOS 7, iPhone owners can unlock a device by using a touch to unlock.

The touch-to-lock feature is used when a lock screen is open.

In the new iOS 7 app, you also have the option to unlock a lock by using an unlock code, as shown below.

Apple is adding TouchID and other new features.iPhone owners now have the ability to unlock and unlock a locked device by entering the passcode.

If a phone is unlocked, the owner can use the TouchID feature to perform other functions such as opening a phone’s camera, opening the lock button, and accessing the lockscreen.