Bob’s locksmooth: Boston ma says she’s going to jail for making $10,000 per day

Bob’s is a family owned business that makes locksmithing tools for the locksmiths profession.

Bob’s owner, Brian Anderson, told ABC News that the locksmaking business is “the best in the country” and that he was not aware of the case against him until he received the news.

“We’re looking forward to our day in court,” Anderson said.

Anderson is facing up to 10 years in prison and up to $10 million in fines if convicted.

“I’m not a criminal, I’m a person,” Anderson told ABC affiliate WBZ.

“But I can’t afford to go to jail.

I’ve been making $50,000 a year.

I’m not going to take that money.

I’d rather pay a fine than go to prison.”

Anderson has since fired his locksmith business, but the locks have been back up and running for the past three months.

“The locksmith is one of the best in Massachusetts,” Anderson explained.

“He has a lot of experience.

We had a lot more people who knew him than people who didn’t.

We have a lot to thank him for.”