How to unlock your iPhone without a key

An iPhone locksmith might be able to unlock the device with a pin code, but that’s a long shot.

Instead, it’s best to unlock using an app, such as one created by security firm SecureLock.

SecureLock’s app is currently available in the App Store for free, but the company is hoping to add a few additional features in the future.

The app lets you create your own code that can be used to unlock and unlock your device, according to the company’s website.

Using a keychain, you can also use SecureLock to unlock a device that has already been unlocked by another app, like one that lets you unlock a locked iPhone with a password.

SecureLock uses a unique identifier to identify your phone and unlocks the device.

When a locked device is unlocked by SecureLock, it also unlocks other apps that you’ve installed, including the ones you use to control your phone.

You can also change which apps you use by entering your passcode or fingerprint, SecureLock’s website explains.