A lockpicking puzzle solved by a man who’s locked himself in his house

A lockpick puzzle solved using a lock-picking technique has taken another step forward in its development after it was made by a New Jersey man who has locked himself inside his house.

New Scientist reports that the puzzle was found in a locked room in a house in New Jersey, but it was unclear if the puzzle itself was the work of the author or if the author was just the lock-picker.

The mystery behind the puzzle involves a locked door in the home of a man named Matthew Wilt and was found when police entered the house.

The door is not secured and police said they found a note in the room that said “Please enter and leave with all keys and everything”.

The man who was locked inside his home is believed to be Matthew Wirt, who lives in New York City.

Police said they believe the note was written by Matthew Wurt and he told police that he had a lockpicking hobby and wanted to learn how to unlock doors.

Police said he found a lockpick in his bedroom and after asking his locksmith to put the lockpick inside, he learned that the lockpicking technique he used works.

Wirt said he thought it was a prank but when he went to look at his locks, they were all wrong.

Wirt was then able to unlock the door and the mystery is solved.

Wilt, who is in his 60s, told New Jersey station WCBS 880 that he has been locking himself in the house for almost a decade.

He said he was able to solve the puzzle by following a sequence of steps, including unlocking the door, cutting the key and inserting a piece of wire through the hole in the door.

Wurt told WCBS Radio: “There’s no need to do it, I just need to pull a piece off the lock.

I just pull a wire.”

He said police have told him that if he were to ever attempt to do something similar, they would “be the first ones to shoot him.”ABC/wiresTopics:crime,law-crime-and-justice,human-interest,human,united-states,united.nj,australiaFirst posted April 15, 2020 08:23:53Contact Paul O’ConnellMore stories from New Jersey