How to unlock your locksmith store from a locked room


— The locksmiths in a small California town are using the local sheriff’s department to help them break into a locked shop and steal valuable merchandise.

The locksmith’s shop in Collins is located in a rural area about 15 miles south of downtown Sacramento.

It’s one of just a handful in the county that can be unlocked from the outside with a key.

That’s what led Sheriff Steve Anderson to hire a locksmith in the first place.

He’s seen a lot of locksmith shops over the years, but this one is unique.

“It’s not the standard lock shop,” Anderson said.

“It’s one that is well stocked and very secure.

They’re not taking keys from the front door.

They lock it behind the counter and lock it from the inside.

It does not allow access to the outside.

It is extremely well stocked, and they do not require keys to be entered or left.”

Anderson said the locksmith shop has had two lockdowns in recent weeks.

He has asked the sheriff to consider using the Collins locksmith service to help.

“If it comes to it, we can go to the sheriff’s office and have them pick up the keys,” Anderson explained.

“And if they do, they can give it to me.

I’ll put the keys in my safe.

If they do have to use a different locksmith to do that, we’ll get that.”

This is what the locksman in Collin, Anthony, says to get into the shop.ABC News: “If it’s not safe, it’s unsafe.”