Why the FBI is the most hated man in America

New Scientist’s Peter Reuter and Matt Taylor look at the FBI and how it is hated.

The FBI is one of the most notorious criminal organisations in the United States.

It is the country’s most powerful federal law enforcement agency and is responsible for all major police operations and investigations.

It has a reputation for corruption and incompetence.

In 2009, the FBI was named the most corrupt federal agency by Transparency International, a non-profit organisation that monitors corruption worldwide.

The organisation says the FBI has been responsible for $1.2tn in civil and criminal penalties since its inception.

It also says that in recent years the FBI’s reputation has suffered.

The most recent annual Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, released on 1 November, revealed that the FBI had fallen five places in the perception rankings from the year before.

This year’s rankings, released by the FBI in June, are based on the public’s perception of the FBI as a “highly corrupt organisation” that “routinely and systematically fails to prosecute and punish its own agents, agents-at-large, and those who break the law”.

The FBI is ranked 15th in the world.

The agency has also been criticised for its handling of the Boston bombing investigation, with some lawmakers questioning whether it should have been given greater powers to investigate the attack.

The report states that FBI officers have “repeatedly been accused of lying or fabricating evidence to obtain information and to justify unlawful searches and seizures”, and that “the FBI routinely and systematically violates the rights of its agents and agents-to-be, to due process, and to a fair trial”.

The FBI was also ranked as the most “over-inclusive” agency by the Washington Post.

The agency has an over-50% population of people who identify as black, Hispanic or Asian, according to data collected by the Post.