How to lock a garage door with a lock

A garage door that can be locked with a key can be quite difficult to remove.

However, a simple DIY lock can help you to keep the door secure.


Remove the lock.

You can remove a locked door with the use of a hammer.

The door should have a pin on one side and a screwdriver on the other.

Remove one side of the door and you will need to unscrew the lock to open it. 2.

Remove a key.

Remove two screws and a rubber key.

Now, you will be able to use your fingers to move the key to the other side of your door.

If you are using a rubber lock, you can also use your fingernails to push it open.

You may need to use a pair of pliers or pliers-only to open the lock on the lock’s opposite side.


Remove some of the keyring.

The keyring should be removed with a pair or pair of tweezers.

You will need a pair, or a pair and a half.

Remove at least one screw and pull the key out of the lock, then remove the key from the lock and use your finger to move it to the opposite side of this door.


Secure the door with your lock.

Use the pliers to secure the door firmly against the wall.

The lock should now be secured to the door.


Use a lock pick to open and close the door properly.

Try to be as precise as possible.

It is best to use the plier to force the lock in and out as well as pushing it into the lock at the same time.

If the lock has a key ring, you should push it into it.

If it has a button, you must push it out first.

If a keyring is attached, you might need to press the key in and then push it back in.

If there is a key, the door should be locked securely.