Locked-down: Kit for locksmith Gainesville

Gainesville, FL – You could be out of luck if you are stuck in a locked-down area, with police officers keeping the area well away from cars and other traffic.

The locksmith kit comes with a lockbox, two lockpicks and a lock pick box.

“The lockbox is a must-have item for anyone working with locks, as it is very secure,” a Lock-Down USA spokesperson said.

“We are working with the manufacturer to get the lockbox and lockpick kit shipped to customers within the next couple of weeks.”

“We’ve also had some customers who’ve said they were able to get their locks from outside the lock-down areas, and we’re working to make sure that happens.”

LockboxThe lock box is made from a combination of stainless steel, brass and aluminum, with an adjustable length of 12 inches and a screw on lid.

“It has a top shelf which opens up for easy access and you can take it out for a spin and get some extra locks in,” the Lock-down USA spokesperson added.

“If you’re using it for other purposes like picking locks, we have an online tutorial for getting locks out of your lockbox.”

“If they were to ever get a lock box back to you, they could lock you up again.”

LockpickBoxThe lock pick is a solid metal rod with a hook on it.

“Its made out of stainless and has a locking mechanism so it will take a bit of practice and skill to learn to use it, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a real piece of work,” the company said.

It comes with an instructional video, instructions and a locking ring.

“When it’s locked, the locking mechanism will lock the lockpick in place, and then the lock will lock down,” the spokesperson added