When You’re Locked Out: The Latest On The Lockout That Could Be A Nightmare for You

I was told to go home, because my family was locked out, and my dad and I had to go get food.

He’s a retired locksmith.

His son is an apprentice.

He worked in a store before he got the job.

He went home for dinner, got a cold, then was locked down for a couple of hours.

I was in bed for three hours.

It was crazy.

The next day I was up there with my husband.

We’ve had a lot of locksmiths.

They all love working with us.

And it’s so different from what it used to be.

People just have to be patient, which is really hard when you have no family, no job, no money.

We had to work for the next four or five years.

I’ve been working now for eight years.

When I got the opportunity to start my own locksmith business, I said, Let’s make it a bigger business, because I love it.

I love working on lockdowns.

The hardest thing to get is people to come into my store and help you.

When people are locked out and can’t get food, I’m not sure what happens.

If you go in and try to work, they’re like, I don’t want to work.

You can see it on their faces.

They’re just, I just don’t feel like they can help.

I do see a little bit of a change in my business.

When you’re locked out of a store, you have to get food for your customers, which means you’re going to have to call a lockshoe.

You’ve got to call your locksmith or your trucker.

If there’s no locksmith there, you’re out of luck.

The locksmith is the person who takes care of the locks and the equipment that you need to do your job.

I know it sounds like a lot, but the people who are locked in, they just need to be treated like everybody else.

I just tell them, Don’t be afraid to work with me.

We’re professionals, so if we can do it, anybody can.

If people are in jail, they don’t know us.

They don’t trust us, either.

You just have got to do what we tell you.

And they’re willing to do it.

You’re working with somebody who loves his job.

You know how you work with your clients.

They love the job, they love you, they trust you.

I’m here for the customers.

You don’t have to worry about how you’re being treated.

I get to do my job.

And then they come back home and see the smiles on their face, and it’s a good feeling, because they know you care.

I work with a lot people who have been locked out.

They’ve lost their job.

They can’t pay their bills, and they can’t make money for their family.

They want to make it right, but they can never make it.

But they’ll still come back to work the next day.

They’ll say, You did good.

It’s great to see people working again.

It just depends on what they need.