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Birmingham locksmith and locksmith Augusta Ga has started the 24-hour 24-point locksmith program, the latest addition to a growing number of companies offering 24-hours services in the US.

Birmingham locksmith Bertha Allen, who is also based in the city, said: ‘Our goal is to offer our customers 24-hrs locksmith services to all residents of Birmingham, as well as a wide range of services including, but not limited to, lock picking, car cleaning, locksmithing, and a wide variety of home security and home safety products.’

Allen said the 24 hour locksaw service will be available at the first Birmingham location and then expand across Birmingham and across the UK.

‘Our initial service areas will include Birmingham, Birmingham West, Blackpool, Birmingham and South West Birmingham, and we will also offer 24-Hour services in Greater Manchester, Leeds, Leeds East, South East, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber,’ she said.

According to Allen, the 24 hours locksaw will be a cheaper alternative to the more expensive 24- and 48-hour services.

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity for people to get on board with the 24hr service,” she said, adding that the 24 Hours locksaw would also allow customers to pick locks without the need to visit the lock shop.

Allen added that 24-Hrs locksaws are very similar to the locksmith service offered by Locksmiths UK, which also offers a 24- hour service.

However, Allen said that 24 Hour locksaws do not come with the same safety measures as the locksaw and would not work with the latest home security systems.

The locksmiths service is free for residents of the 24 Hour service area.

To find out more about 24- Hour locksaw or to find out about the other services offered by the Birmingham lockshow, please visit the lockshop or contact the store.

More to come.