A new locksmith is helping new locks grow in Miami-Dade County

A locksmith has come to the rescue of a locksmith from Nashville who’s been unable to lock down a house since the end of the school year.

Tara Williams said she’s been locked out of her condo since Dec. 11 because she’s unable to keep up with the demands of the locksmiths shift.

Williams said she was a student in the Nashville area at Davidson College, and was hired in November.

Williams was a locksheep at Davidson when she got the job at the lockshop.

The locksmith was on the clock for a month before she got a call from the locks owner saying she was unable to work for the company.

Williams told ABC News affiliate WJXT-TV she felt like she was being pushed to the brink.

She said she and her co-worker were locked out for a couple of days, but that it was not a long-term issue.

Williams works for a lockshoe company in Louisville, Ky., but said she had a busy schedule in Nashville that also included a job as a lockshop employee.

Williams called the locks company and the locks manager to ask for an explanation.

Williams did not return a call for comment.