What to do if your lock isnt working in Australia

The locksmith Mobile app is currently offering to help customers with lock issues in Australia.

This includes issues with the locksmith, lock manufacturers and lock maintenance.

If youve got a problem with your locksmith please take the following steps to resolve it: 1.

Call 1-800-878-7223.


Go to Settings > Lock Quality and set the lockscreen lock quality to Very Good.


Tap on your lock and click on Lock Quality.


Choose to fix the issue, then tap on the Settings button to change the lockscale to Low or High.

We have a lot of locksmiths around Australia and we encourage you to get to know them before you buy your next lock.

What’s the difference between locksmith apps and locksmith services?

Weve always been proud of our service and now we are expanding it.

We now offer a variety of locksmaking services.

From simple locksmithing to professional locksmith solutions, we have everything you need to keep your locks safe.

If youre not sure if a locksmith is right for you, we can help you find out.

Find a locksmason by searching the search bar on the left of the app.